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Homemade Baking Mix (Healthy Gift Idea)

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Not knowing what to buy your friends and family for Christmas, their birthdays, or any other holiday? Or maybe you just want to kindly say thank you in baked goodie form. This gift is EASY, BEAUTIFUL, and DELICIOUS and your friends and family will love this healthy homemade baking mix.

Healthy Homemade Baking Mix Recipe

One of the most popular recipes from the Shh Kitchen is my Secretly Healthy Banana Bread. So, it makes sense that this would be the perfect homemade baking mix to put in these DIY jars. This secretly healthy banana bread puts a delicious healthy twist on the normal banana bread recipes you see. The mix is made with almond flour, oat flour, and coconut sugar! I’ll include all the ingredients and measurements below.

Homemade Baking Mix in a Jar SUPPLIES:

DIY Baking Mix 10RC

Healthy Homemade Baking Mix Ingredients

Secretly Healthy Banana Bread Recipe: 

Want to know why this secretly healthy banana bread is the ULTIMATE healthy snack/dessert/breakfast? And how it is packed with 9.2 g of protein per serving?! Go to the recipe to find out. Take me there!!!

List of ingredients for your jar:

homemade healthy baking mix

Tips for Assembling Homemade Baking Mix in a Jar

  • Use a funnel to get all ingredients into jar (If you don’t have a funnel, use a rolled up paper plate).
  • Spoon the cinnamon inside the jar, pressing it up against the sides of the glass. This will allow you to see a distinct cinnamon layer. 
  • Use your lid as a reference when cutting the fabric (Shown in the picture below).
  • You can place a piece of folded tape on the lid and stick the cut out fabric on so it doesn’t slide around when you’re tying the bow on.
  • After securing the ribbon, trim off excess fabric that is covering too much of the jar (Shown in picture below).
homemade baking mix 1 1

What to Include on the Gift Label

Here are the ingredients and instructions you will need to write down on the Secretly Healthy Banana Bread Mix gift tag:

What You’ll Need

  • 2-3 very ripe bananas (about 1 cup mashed)
  • 3 eggs
  • ¼ cup plain non-fat Greek yogurt (or plain yogurt of your choice)
  • Optional add-ins such as walnuts or chocolate chips 

Baking Instructions

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. 
  2. Line a 9×5 loaf pan with parchment paper or grease with coconut oil.
  3. In a mixing bowl, mash ripe bananas with the back of a fork until all the large lumps are gone. 
  4. To the mashed banana, mix in eggs and yogurt.
  5. Combine Secretly Healthy Banana Bread Mix to batter and stir until just combined.
  6. Optional- gently fold in nuts or chocolate chips 
  7. Transfer mixture into loaf pan and bake for 45-50 minutes. 
  8. Enjoy cold from the fridge or warm with butter 🙂 Also Freezer friendly!
DIY mason jar baking mix gift
homemade baking mix (gift idea)
Can you spot the little polar bear sneaking a peak?
Add your own designs and customize it! Make sure to share your homemade baking mix jars with us via Instagram, Facebook, Email, or by commenting down below! I’d love to see what you create!


homemade baking mix pin pinterest
Yield: 1 Jar which makes 1 Loaf of Secretly Healthy Banana Bread (9 Slices)

Homemade Baking Mix (DIY Gift Idea)

Homemade Baking Mix

Premeasured, vegetarian, gluten-free, healthy, melt in your mouth, banana bread mix. Easy DIY gift idea for family and friends. Healthy baking mix in a jar!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes






1. Using a funnel or rolled paper plate, pour the oat flour into the bottom of jar, followed by coconut sugar, and then almond flour. With a spoon (or you can use your teaspoon measuring spoon) sprinkle cinnamon inside of the jar, pressing it up against the sides of the glass. Add in the nutmeg, baking soda and salt.

2. Take the lid and place it on fabric piece. Cut a square around the lid leaving 2-3 inches of space on each side (you can use pinking shears or regular scissors). Optional: place a rolled piece of tape on the top of the lid and stick the cut out square of fabric to it to ensure it won’t slide around.

3. Screw the lid (with the fabric on top) onto the jar.

4. Cut a piece of ribbon to fit around the lid. Secure the ribbon around the fabric and lid. Tie a nice bow. Trim the ribbon ends to your desired length.

5. Trim the outer pieces of fabric around the jar with pinking shears if needed. 

6. Create your label and be sure to include the wet ingredients and baking instructions!


*This is a perfect DIY Holiday gift idea!

*We’d love to see your Baking Mix Creations! Be sure to snap a picture and tag us on Instagram! @secretlyhealthyhome


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