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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2020 (Small Businesses!)

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The best healthy holiday gift guide for everyone in your life. Perfect for those friends and family members that want to start living a healthier life too. From non-toxic candles to healthy skincare and deodorant, to healthy kitchen staples! You are sure to find something for everyone on your list!

Prices May Vary In This Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Prices may vary, but a general price is given for each item. I have small family-owned companies mixed with some amazon finds. Most of the amazon finds do support small companies as well though. I hope this healthy holiday gift guide gives you some clarity and excitement about Christmas shopping this year! 

Food Gift Ideas:

georgia grinders creamy cashew butter

Nut Butter ($6- $28.99) – code “shh20” for free shipping – Who doesn’t love a good nut butter?! Finding healthy nut butter without all the extra oils or sugar is tough. All their nut butter ingredients are super clean and delicious! My personal favorites are their cashew butter, cinnamon vanilla pecan peanut butter, or their gigantic bulk peanut butter! They also have a trio nut butter set that would make a perfect gift!

lincoln land kettle corn

Lincoln Land Kettle Corn ($8-$18) You need a little bit of fun food this holiday season! Why not try a local kettle corn company that sells the most delicious hand popped kettle corn! Just 4 ingredients, popcorn, corn oil, salt, and cane sugar! You can purchase beautiful popcorn tins that make the perfect gift for anyone!

flaky sea salt

Flaky Sea Salt ($5.99) – This is the healthy pantry staple you never knew you needed until now. Flaky sea salt is high in vitamins, minerals, and so delicious sprinkled over any of your baked or no-bake treats! 

whey protein powder healthy bulk

Grass-Fed Whey Protein Unflavored ($49.99) This is for your friends and family members that what to include more protein or healthier recipes into their diets, but don’t love the taste of protein powders. Unflavored is the way to go! You can add this protein powder to no-bake cookie dough bars, baked oatmeals, smoothies, and everything in between! And the beauty is, you can’t taste it. This is the exact brand we use and love and it’s such a good bang for your buck!

vegan protein powder

Unflavored Vegan Protein Powder ($33.55) Now, I’ve tried a lot of protein powders in my day, but this unflavored plant-based protein powder is awesome for baked oatmeal recipes! It’s the perfect gift for those friends or family members who might want to eat healthier, but don’t really know where to start. Adding this to recipes gives a nice protein boost without adding stevia flavor. 

dairy-free chocolate

Dairy-Free Dark Chocolate Chips In Bulk! ($47.57) Chocolate might be the way to a lot of people’s hearts, so you really can’t go wrong with a bulk pack of dairy-free dark chocolate morsels. This brand is allergen friendly and so delicious! Great healthy holiday gift!

Kitchen Items:

whirley pop

Whirley Pop ($33.99) Hands up if you love popcorn! This is the popcorn maker we’ve been using for years, and it’s just the best! It’s so easy to use and the popcorn is better than movie theater popcorn! This is such a perfect gift for people who like microwave popcorn, but are wanting to make it healthier. Still just as easy to make, but way better for you than premade microwave popcorn packs.

green pan

The Green Pan ($58.99)  It took me a while to research and find a pan that is non-toxic and WORKS! This green pan is it! We’ve had ours for over a year and we couldn’t be happier with it. It’s non-stick and it’s a perfect size. The best healthy holiday gift!

dutch oven

Cuisinart Dutch Oven ($83.11) My mother in law gave us a dutch oven last Christmas and it was one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten! Dutch ovens are perfect for making stews, chilis, soups, roasts, and everything in between! This brand is our favorite and I highly recommended splurging on it for your loved one.

cookie scoops amazon

Cookie Scoops ($12.95) This might seem like a simple gift, but it really can be life-changing for people in their kitchen! Making protein bits, it’s a breeze with these cookie scoops. And of course, making cookies is so much faster and simpler thanks to these affordable cookie scoops! The perfect holiday gift for all those baking lovers in your life. 

Cook Books

sweet laurel bakery cook book

Sweet Laurel Bakery ($20.99) Do you know someone who loves sweets, but wants to bake them a little healthier? This cookbook is for them! It’s full of healthier dessert recipes that are all AMAZINGLY delicious and allergy-friendly. All the dessert recipes are completely grain-free!

just the good stuff cook book

Just The Good Stuff by Rachel Mansfield ($18.39) This cookbook is packed with healthy dinner, lunch, and dessert recipes! All of Rachel’s recipes are pretty simple and taste amazing. Anyone in your life would love this cookbook, I’m sure of it. 


little seed farm natural deodorant

Little Seed Farm Deodorant ($13.99 on Amazon or off their website) I’ve been using this all-natural deodorant for over a year now, and I couldn’t be happier with it! I’ve tried a lot of natural deodorants, but this one is by far my favorite! The Charcoal smells so amazing and it keeps me feeling fresh all day long! Great little stocking stuffer!

natural deodorant variety pack

Natural Deodorant Variety Sample Pack (all scents) ($11.99) This is the same brand as the deodorant listed above, but it’s a cute sample pack of scents! Another great stocking stuffer and perfect to determine what scent your loved one likes the best!

elasticity serum

Elasticity Skin Toning Serum ($17.99) Such amazing clean ingredients for skincare. This serum is to help moisturize and tone the skin. It’s also eco-friendly and cruelty-free! Such an awesome healthy holiday gift!

holiday hand aid lotion

Holiday Hand Aid ($11.99) Can you tell I love the Little Seed Farm brand? All their products are so amazing, clean, and good for the environment! This hand cream in a holiday scent is the perfect way to say Merry Christmas!

Soy Candles

garden ivy soap and candles

Garden Ivy Soap And Candles ($14.95) A small family-owned natural soap and candle shop that has all your holiday needs covered! The most delicious scented 100% soy candles. Non-toxic cotton wicks! Holiday scents from Cinnamon Sugar to Mulled Cider. Yum! 

hand blown jar candle lafco

LAFCO Classic Candle, Amber Black Vanilla ($42) This healthy soy candle comes in a beautiful hand blown glass jar! Not only is it beautiful, but this candle is 100% non-toxic.

coconut wax  candle

Pure Plant Home Stockholm Coconut Wax Candle ($19.99) Another deliciously-scented non-toxic candle. This one is made with coconut wax and has real essential oil aromas in it. 

recycled eco friendly soy candle

Eco Candle Co. Recycled Soy Candle ($27) If you know someone in your life that loves the environment, this candle is for them! These candles are also phthalate-free and made from essential oil blends.

Well, there you have it! A quick, simple, healthy holiday gift guide for everyone on your list! If you end up purchasing any of these items for your friends or family members, be sure to tag me on @instagram when they open it! 🙂 Can’t wait to see! 

Wishing You The Best Holiday Season Ever!


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