healthy copycat treats cookbook

Healthy Copycat Treats Cookbook!

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Did you know I wrote a cookbook? But it’s not your average cookbook…

Hi Friend! Remember those prepackaged treats you used to get in your school lunch box like Little Debbies Oatmeal Creme Pies, Star Crunch Cookies, Cosmic Brownies, etc.? Well, I happened to write an entire cookbook of those recipes BUT MADE HEALTHY! That’s right. All your childhood faves are now gluten-freeallergy-friendlyvegan-friendly, and made with real, simple ingredients.

healthy copycat treats cookbook by Claire Woodhouse Secretly Healthy Home

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Want to know a little story behind this book…?

It all started in the late 90s when I was growing up. I would head off to school, go throughout my day, and then my favorite time of the day would come…LUNCHTIME! Was I so excited about what kind of sandwich my mom had packed me? Eh, not really (sorry mom😂). I was most excited to see what TREAT she had packed me for the day.

When I eagerly opened my hard plastic pink lunch box and saw that clear wrapper surrounding brightly colored sprinkles on top of a fudgy brownie, my day was instantly made! A COSMIC BROWNIE! YESSSSS!!!!😍

My love for prepackaged treats lived on through my elementary, middle, and high school years. Then when college hit I knew it was time for a change. I desperately did not want to gain the “freshman 15” so I went on a health kick, to say the least.

I always loved baking, but now I found a totally new love… HEALTHY BAKING! And thus began my journey to becoming a healthy food blogger and creating this cookbook. Along the way, I have met countless individuals who have food intolerances, struggle with food guilt, or simply want recipes that are wholesome and simple. People just like you!

This cookbook was made with YOU in mind. So even if you do have food allergies, guilt issues, or you’re just wanting treats you can enjoy without the guilt, you can still make and enjoy ALL OF THESE COPYCAT RECIPES!

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I’d love to answer any questions or comments you have. Please feel free to reach out to me on FacebookInstagram, or hit reply to this email!

Hope you’re having the healthiest of days!


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